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Sri Herbasia Biotech

About Us

Sri Herbasia Biotech is a well-established company located in Amritsar (Punjab, India). The company came into existence in the year 2010 and has achieved a notable position in the worldwide market owing to its excellent quality and highly effective Herbal products.

VAID Nihaal Chand : The Founder
Our introduction is our source of inspiration. We are serving the clients since 1982. Our Grandfather, VAID Nihaal Chand, was a well-known herbalist and a perfect Ayurvedist. He devoted his life in researching and formulating various blends of herbs to act in a natural way of healing different types of diseases. In the Ayurveda system of medicine, vaid means physician. His career as an herbalist started from Vaid Harish Chand, who was also a great herbalist and head physician of King of Verka (India). At that time, the physician of the King was called Rajvaid. VAID Nihaal Chand devoted his entire life to herbal medicines and created many herbal formulations for human welfare in the natural way of healing. His maximum creative work was started from 1966 onwards and was soon faced with patients with more chronic and complicated diseases. It was a time when chemical medicine formulations were getting popular in India and use of Ayurvedic medicines was declining. The quick and fast results of chemical formulations won over the herbal treatments, which had a sure but slow effect. People in India could not adjust their traditional system of herbal treatment with modern chemical science development.

As per our grandfather, chemical medications became more successful because they worked faster and gave quick relief by suppressing the symptoms. It does not cure diseases because they were suppressed temporarily; the reoccurrence was more drastic and complicated. He was of the opinion that chemical treatment is necessary and many times lifesaving but man would have to turn back from chemicals to a natural cure or have to keep the balance between chemicals and natural herbs. He spent the rest of his life in the research and trials of various herbal combinations on his patients. He closed his Pharmacy and started to practice as an herbalist. He was now getting old and intended to pass his knowledge and life-experience to his children. Vaid Nihaal Chand, who, until his death 15 years ago, believed that the natural way of healing by herbal medicines would remain forever. He passed all his experience, knowledge, and expertise in the Ayurveda field of herbal healing to his children. He taught various aspects of Ayurvedic theory behind this healing pathy method adopted by ancient Ayurveda in confirming the properties of herbs.

Since VAID Nihaal Chand death, people still remember his name and fame. He lives in the heart of the people due to the work he rendered for mankind throughout his life and his grand sons are carrying on his formulas as a family tradition today. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a true herbalist like VAID Nihaal Chand. Sri Herbasia biotech is Indian based company, which manufacture, export and supply all kinds of herbal medicines with innovative ideas

Contact Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing does not mean only making the product of desired specifications, but it is the art of exceeding the expectation and setting new parameters of excellence for the product. This is how we do contract manufacturing. We undertake the inception of the product development idea and deliver the goods on time. Our organization staff is highly qualified, which comprises Ayurvedic Doctors and master in Ayurvedic Pharmacy field. The process of product development in contract manufacturing is different from simple manufacturing as in this; products once accepted and marketed do not stop. Moreover, we continuously improve our products as we believe that nothing is perfect.

Our Commitments
We are acknowledged for :
  • Cloning / knock offs : Clients can send sample with label.
  • Competitive Prices : We provide highest quality products with competitive prices.
  • Turnaround Time : We can meet stiff time deadlines.
  • Confidentiality : We maintain strict confidentiality in all respects, i.e., formulas specifications, etc. First step is to enter into NCA.
  • Services : Through our combination of state-of-the-art unmatched manufacturing capacity, we can ensure fast turnaround of quality products across an infinite range of customization possibilities.
  • Facilities : We have well-equipped feet manufacturing facility with automated production lines capable to manufacture tablets, capsules, ointments, syrups & powder. We also have in-house R&D and QC department.
  • Location : We are located at GT Amritsar
  • Quality : Stringent Quality control as per ISO & GMP Standards


Year of Establishment 2010
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier
Number of Employess 20
Market Covered Worldwide